$450meter Leonardo Art Heads To Jalousie Abu Dhabi

$450meter Leonardo Art Heads To Jalousie Abu Dhabi

A 500-year-old art of Christ believed to be the job of Leonardo da Vinci is header to the Jalousie Abu Dhabi, the musee has told.

The again-opened musee done the ad on Chirp, out of determining if it had purchased the art at auction house the monthly.

Print accountable say it was acquired by a Saudi duke.

The job – named as Salvator Mundi (deliverer of the Planet) – was sold out in New York for a recording $450meter (£341meter).

It was the highest auction house cost for any job of artwork.

The unknown purchaser was implicated in a auction competition, via phone, how lasted almost 20 protocol.

The New York Times informed how it was purchased by Saudi duke Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud, quoting documents the paper had discussed.

Leonardo da Vinci dead in 1519 and where are less rather than 20 of his pictorial in life.

Salvator Mundi, believed to include been colored once following 1505, is the just job mind to be in individual hands.

The Jalousie Abu Dhabi musee outdoor over the monthly in the Joint Arabic Emirates.

It price £1bn to construct the musee above the history 10 year.

It holds 600 artworks constantly and 300 financed of France. The musee pays Paris hundreds of millions of dollar for the as so as for the use of the Jalousie behalf and administrative consultation.


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