Ahmed Shafiq: Egyptian Former-PM Withdraws Of Poll

Ahmed Shafiq: Egyptian Former-PM Withdraws Of Poll

Ex Egyptian Main Secretary Ahmed Shafiq has closed of the fleeing for the nation’s chairmanship, proverb he is the incorrect man for the work.

Mr Shafiq announced his candidate in Nov in the Joint Arabic Emirates (UAE), wherever he fled following loser the 2012 poll to Mohammed Morsi.

During days he was arrested by the UAE, that supports his competing, the position Ceo Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Mr Shafiq was wide seen as the largest severe contender to Mr Sisi.

He was expelled by the UAE next his detention and his household informed creature incapable to pin him following his arrive in Egypt.

Several hours after, he gave an interviewing on Egyptian tv in that he rejected assumption same’d been stolen and told he was revising his judgment to run versus Mr Sisi.

His household grown concerns of filthy act, and estimated he was creature detained versus his will at a Cairo inn.

“My lack of more than rather than five year maybe distant me of creature capable to really close pursue which is departure on in our nationality in regulation of developments and artistic achievements in spite the challenge of the facility,” he wrote.

“I include seen how I will not be the ideally man to conduct the country’s sphere for the upcoming time. Therefore I include solved not to run in the forthcoming 2018 president elections.”

A ex air strength captain and aircraft secretary, Mr Shafiq stood for ceo in 2012 but lose tightly to Mr Morsi, who later given an detention order for him on corrupt practices extortion.

Mr Shafiq fled to the UAE. Mr Morsi was after overthrown by the war and replaced in 2014 by Mr Sisi , time Mr Shafiq was justified of the corrupt practices extortion.

Individually, else capacity president applicant, Col Ahmed Konsowa, was detained in Dec following declaring plans to work.

He was condemned by a war trial on 19 Dec to six year in jail. He was condemned for “indicating policy opinions opposite to the requirements of war procedure”, his attorney Asad Haykal, was cited as proverb by AFP news story agent.

The Al-Mesryoon paper told he was detained for an inquiry in “publication a politically-affiliated live video and misuse of his war position”.


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