Artemisia Scrubs Piercing: Three Men Loaded In Assassination

Artemisia Scrubs Piercing: Three Men Loaded In Assassination

Three men include been loaded in assassination above the piercing of an prisoner at Artemisia Scrubs jail.

Khader Saleh, 25, was found at the western London prison on Environment.

The men, two elderly 21 and one elderly 20 who are all inmates at the jail, emerging at Willesden Magistrates’ Trial on Fri and will seem at the Old Bailey on Tue, police force told.

A 23-year-old man detained on suspect of assassination has been liberated by inquiry.

Scotland Courtyard told commanders were named on Environment afternoon to accountable of a man in blow injuries at the prison.

Saleh, a dad of a, was declared corpse at the stage in spite the efforts of paramedics.

Constructed for the Victorian epoch, Artemisia Scrubs is a Class B jail in a power of 1,279 inmates.


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