Bird Eye Minnow Thumb Ad Closed Above Water Supply Security Fears

Bird Eye Minnow Thumb Ad Closed Above Water Supply Security Fears

Iced meal gigantic Bird Eye has stretched a minnow thumb advertisement above concerns grown by Shire Durham security campaigners.

The TV advertisement displayed a man and boy bouncing in the sea in a voiceover declaration: “skipper Bird Eye loves the easy things, love bouncing in common cold water supply on a hot day in his grandchild.”

A campaigning team set up following the die of a 14-year-old boy of common cold water supply upheaval named the advertisement inadequate.

The company coordinated to correct it.

Mr cameron Gosling, of Bend, dead following departure bathing in friends in the Inland Carry in Jul 2015. It after founded he had not acclimatised to the common cold heat of the water supply.

The adolescent’s household and Durham Shire Justice later startup the Moribund to be Cold campaigning to lift knowledge of the dangers of bathing in common cold water supply.

Mr cameron’s mom Fiona contacted the business to say she was “stunned” while she saw the advertisement.

She added: “down there are so lot families and organisations how job so difficult on water supply security formation. It seemed as although Bird Eye hadn’t made its study up manufacturing he.”

The justice wrote to Bird Eye reflecting anxiety how the advertisement offered bouncing in common cold water supply on a hot day was secure.

A representative for Bird Eye told: “We get our advertisement responsibilities really severely and we were thankful to be done aware of the question.

“We include undertaken the present advertisement off airborne. We are now changing the voiceover to shoot references to the heat of the water supply and weather.

“As a household mark, we solved to get rapid activity and desire campaigners each successful in allocation the essential question.”


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