Casamance: Thirteen Corpse In Assault In Skittish Senegal Area

Casamance: Thirteen Corpse In Assault In Skittish Senegal Area

Thirteen human beings include been annihilated in an assault in the skittish southern Senegal area of Casamance.

Clinic workers who include seen the bodies told several of the victims had been shooting, other beheaded. The corpse are told to be younger generation.

It is not precise yet who transferred out the assault.

Casamance has seen a length-running dispute among the by the government and the MFDC insurgent team, that wants autonomy. Thousands include dead.

The Senegal war told the assault may be associated to the latter produce of guardianship of two MFDC members.

Regional print offered the youths were attack by a team enemy to the MFDC time collecting timber.

One day household to a prosperous visitor production, Casamance is separate of the Senegal equity, Dakar, by The Gambia.

It is household to multiple ethnical groups, consisting lot Christians, time northern areas are dominated by three, substantially Moslem communities.

Abuse has substantially waned with a 2014 cease fire coordinated among the by the government and mob.


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