China Rooftop Mountaineer Day In 62-floor Drop

China Rooftop Mountaineer Day In 62-floor Drop

A so-known China mountaineer has dead time performance one of his trade mark brave skyline trick riding.

Wu Yongning had accumulated thousands of followers on the public web Weibo for his drama brief videos show him perched at high buildings out of the use of security machinery.

Anxiety grew amongst his fans while he stopped wiring updates in Nov.

It has now founded how he dead following declining of a 62-floor house in the town of Changsha.

China print paper how he was part in a problem to win a significant sum of award cash.

The 26-year-old dead on 8 Nov, but his die was just affirmed by his friend in a position on China public print a monthly after.

As-called “rooftopping” – ascent very high town buildings out of security machinery – has be more famous through the planet in latter year.

Mr Yongning’s posts on Weibo alerted his tv audience not to simulate his hazardous amateur performance. He had military arts learning, and had previous undertaken portion in several tv and movie productions.

But it was his rooftop posts that driven him considerable focus on public print – or, on to regional print accountable, proven more than profitable.

A household term was cited as proverb he was part in a “rooftopping” problem in 100,000 renminbi (£11,300) at share in award cash, although the environment of the contest and its sponsorship was not clear.

“He plan to offer to his friend (same day following the problem),” the Southward China Night Position cited his move-uncle as proverb.

“He necessary the cash for the marriage, and for care treat for his sick mom.”

On Weibo, friends and fans had a blended response to the news story.

Comrade rooftopper Charlie_7U located a picture undertaken in Mr Yongning, proverb: “He went a bit above the upper, ever hard real how are for his capacity”.

“I include though stored him one day… we stopped game along,” he added.

Else customer requested: “reason would you search focus in such a a hazardous path, fair for yours fans?

“I became silent following I found out of news story how you were making all how to pay for yours ill mom’s clinic treat. You are one of such human beings in the planet, you will do whatever for yours favourite ones, completely whatever.”

The rooftopping tendency is famous through the planet in hard advanced cities. In spite security concerns, lot climbers urge how the use of security machinery detracts of the expertise.

“It fully changes the way you see at real. You see all as a opportunity quite rather than walls restrictive thou.”


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