Corona Precious Stones Lie In Biscuit Tin For WW2

Corona Precious Stones Lie In Biscuit Tin For WW2

It was buried under a open secret output on the orders of Tsar George VI to hinder the precious stones declining in By the nazi hands.

Detailed information of the secret, unidentified by the Tsarina, were found in letters of Sir Owen Morshead, the king librarian, to Tsarina Mary, the mom of George VI.

The Tsarina was said the detailed information for the at first period by bearer Alastair Bruce.

The stone, consisting the Dark Duke’s Rubin of the Empire Country Corona, were located in the metall box and buried by a sally seaport, a provided entry.

Sir Owen’s documents explain how a opening was dug in mel land, that had to be coated to conceal it of foe bombers, and two chambers in steel doors created.

A hatch utilized to accessing the open secret region at Windsor Lock, wherever the Tsarina consumable her war year for security, yet exists present.

In the document, the Tsarina as well negotiations on the funny testing and misery of creature chief of country – of the perils of tiring a hard corona, to her robes sticking out to a heavy rug heap.


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