Dolby Property Gives Cambridge College Cavendish Lab £85meter

Dolby Property Gives Cambridge College Cavendish Lab £85meter

The household of audio young pioneer Ray Dolby has sacrificed £85meter of his property to Cambridge College.

The US-born engineering was top named for his job in evolving sound reducing and encircle-sound technique. He dead in 2013 elderly 80.

The gift will go to the Division of Physical science’ Cavendish Lab wherever Mr Dolby treated on his PhD in 1961.

It is the other greatest souvenir to the college in its 808-year story following Draft Gates sacrificed $210meter in 2000.

The inheritance will full the reconstruction of the Cavendish Lab, named as Cav III, in the Ray Dolby Center set to outdoor in 2021/22.

A study team and a professorship in physical science will as well be mentioned in honor of the innovator.

Prof Andy Parker, chief of the Cavendish, told: “In supplement to serving as a household for physical science study at Cambridge, it will be a upper-class installation for the nationality.

“the souvenir is the largest considerable invest in physical science study in generations.”

Mr Dolby’s widowed, Dagmar, told the college play a major part in his lifetime “both of professionally and individually”.

Cambridge Defect-Chancellor Prof Stephen Toope as well outlined the gift as “a fit homage to Ray Dolby’s heritage”.

“its study laid the way for an whole production,” he told.

“A age of currently, we can just gamble on that show will change the way we dwell our lives and that new industries will include been unborn in the Cavendish Lab, in big portion thanks to to the unusually lavish souvenir.”

The many millions-pound gift as well pushes Cambridge College’s £2bn fundraiser campaigning – that was startup in 2015 – above the half marc.

The campaigning will supporting guys and college means, as so as increase its world repute.


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