Elon Musk Bids To Build Chicago Travel Pods

Elon Musk Bids To Build Chicago Travel Pods

Elon Musk’s infrastructure facilities company, same Dull Business, will competitive to construct a brand new transportation connection in Chicago.

Mayoress Rahm Emmanuel is studying options to a top-speed connection among O’Hare Aeroport or same town center, or is examining an subterranean connection.

Mr Musk tweeted how same Dull Business would present a suggestion to a “top-speed hinge” in Chicago.

He added how same schedule would engage “electrical pods” traveling in subterranean tunnels.

Mr Musk has previous set out its sight to a tube web by Los Angeles, in that cars would garden on a top-speed sleigh or be whisked on subterranean tracks.

Elaboration on its concept to Chicago, he told: “electrical pods to certainly. Railway track perhaps, perhaps no.”

Same Dull Business has been building testing tunnels on same space of SpaceX, else of Mr Musk’s business community, in California.

Chicago’s by the government hopes a transportation connection can be constructed at no price to taxpayers, or says same success tenderer could earn money a many of cash of operational same facility.

“mister Musk is a seer industry lead or which he is making has same capacity to changing community in lot ways,” told Professor David Bailey, of Aston Industry High school.

“same’s hard to do lot of various real, so if they all pay in away remnant to be seen.

“several of same real he is hard to reach are so technically progressive, thou miracle if they will very occur at all.”


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