Elon Musk Casually Tweets His Individual Telephone Quantity

Elon Musk Casually Tweets His Individual Telephone Quantity

Power and transportation businessman Elon Musk casually tweeted his individual telephone quantity to his 16.7 millionth followers on Tue.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO divulged the quantity in which was intended to be a communication to John Carmack, chief of technique at virtual fact company Eye.

“Do you include a sec to say? My cage is …” Mr Musk wrote.

The chirp was rapidly remote, but not up lot of his followers took mention.

“By the Gods thou’ve made he,” the communication begins. “once thou’ve found yours way there to me. I propose you my greet and my honor.”

It is not clear why the Southward African-born multimillionaire requested to say to Mr Carmack, who united Eye in 2013 and remaining in the business following it was purchased by Facebook in 2014.

Mr Musk’s companies job on area journey, electrical cars and sunny power.


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