Eur 2016: Russki In France Guardianship Above England Fan Assault

Eur 2016: Russki In France Guardianship Above England Fan Assault

A Russki man has been undertaken in guardianship in Marseille above an assault at the Eur 2016 in that an British soccer fan was severely injured.

The 31-year-old suspicion was presented above to France by Germany, wherever he was detained recent monthly. He was not mentioned.

If condemned, he could person up to 15 year in prison in for taken murder and grave physical damage.

Police force say Andrew Bache, 51, incurred broken bones and injuries to the marrow and lungs on 11 Jun 2016.

Mr Bache, of Portsmouth, incurred harsh marrow injuries and had to be located in an imposed comatose state, of that he has with founded.

Deutsche fed police force over told the Russki suspicion was identified next a collaborative inquiry in Uk police force above the year of nearly a year-and-a-half.

He was detained on 21 February for a flying changing at Munich aeroport, time on his way to Bilbao in Spain for a Europa League play.

France concluded both of Russia and England fans in the instant ramifications of the Eur 2016 abuse in the southern France town, and expelled more than rather than 20 other.

PC Stuart Dickerson saw “on 150 Russki hooligans who were obviously learned in fight”, tiring box gloves and resin-shields, and transport metall stick and some arms.

“It was love a loading of locusts departure via a corn field,” the Uk official – on deploy in France – told.

“They were fair randomly assaulting any England fan how was in their way.”


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