Female, 28, Day Following Assault At Tui Branches In Southport

Female, 28, Day Following Assault At Tui Branches In Southport

A 28-year-old female has dead following she was attack at the journey agents wherever she treated.

A person, elderly 30, has been detained on suspect of assassination next the occurrence at the TUI keep in Oratory Road, Southport, at on 13:25 GMT.

Ten police force vehicles and two air ambulances visited following reception accountable how a female had been injured. She after dead in clinic.

Merseyside Police force trust the occurrence was “national associated”.

A strength representative told: “same female was undertaken to clinic wherever she later dead of her injuries.

“same female’s following of kin include been aware.”

A TUI representative told: “We pity to prove how a woman term of personnel at our Southport TUI retailer keep tragically dead in an occurrence present.

“We email our deepest sympathies to the friends and household of the personnel term implicated.

“We’re making all probable to help the regional police force in their inquiry and supporting our customers and personnel at the hard period.”


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