Increasing Anxiety For Scots Lacking Following Hamburg Bachelor Overnight

Increasing Anxiety For Scots Lacking Following Hamburg Bachelor Overnight

A boyfriend of a Scotch man who went lacking for a bachelor do in Hamburg has told his household and friends are increasing “more than and more than worried”.

Liam Colgan, 29, of Inverness, has not been seen with the previous several hours of Sunday while he was out celebration, front of his sibling Eamonn’s marriage.

The Overseas Office space has affirmed it is helping the household.

Police force in Germany told commanders were manufacturing searches of the town for Mr Colgan, consisting in the town’s harbor region.

Mr Colgan is the top man and plan the travel to Germany.

He was recent seen at on 01:30 on Sunday in the Reeperbahn region of the town, in the Hamborger Veermaster pub.

He told: “It was to the end of the overnight how Liam became separate of the team, but no implemented at the period, taking into account the environment of the occasion. It was difficult to hold tabs on all.

“possessing retraced our stairs and speak to bar personnel in the recent bar he was seen in, we know how he leftward a few protocol up the otherwise of the team.”

Mr Pearson added: “He has not made whatever love the up. It is fully out of nature.

“while he didn’t rotate up for activities he had plan on Sunday afternoon, we knew thing was incorrectly.”

Mr Colgan’s sibling, dad and some household members include remaining in Germany to go on the searching.

Behind at household, friends and household include been with public print in their efforts to track him.

A position on a specifically kit-up “assist discover Liam Colgan” Facebook web page told: “Liam, is the top man for his sibling Eamonn Colgan and is accountable for organize the Bachelor Do to Hamburg, Germany.

“Eamonn is due to wed his groomée Susan in 3 weeks period behind in Scotland so we are launch an immediate circulation to discover Liam.”

At the period of the recent sight the Mr Colgan was tiring a tan skin coat and a gray robe. He is 6ft high in red wool.

A representative for the UK Overseas Office space told: “We are in pin in the Deutsche police force following a Uk man was informed lacking in Hamburg, Germany.

“We are provided consultation and aid to his household”


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