John Humphrys Defends Laughable Pay Gap Speech On Carrie Gracie

John Humphrys Defends Laughable Pay Gap Speech On Carrie Gracie

The Present program army said ITV News story he had “sequentially” speak out in favor of “equivalent pay for equivalent job”.

Humphrys and Polar America text editor Jon Sopel were written debating fellow Carrie Gracie, who abandon as China text editor above “pay in discrimination”.

For the exchanging up Mon’s shaw, the couple according to reports joked on “transferring above” pay to hold Gracie in the part.

Gracie had fair abandon since of which she told was pay disparity in her man peer pressure – consisting Sopel – who were making more than rather than her £135,000-one-yeoner wages.

Requested if his comments showed he did not supporting equivalent pay in, Humphrys said ITV News story: “how’s full nonsense, apparently how’s full nonsense.”

He told the talk in his “ancient boyfriend” Sopel had undertaken location at 04:00 GMT, front of a before-recorded interviewing for Mon night’s publication of Present.

“We are in addiction, Jon and I, of twisting every some up and the goal of the laughable – I emphasize laughable – exchanging was a bit of reciprocal mikey-taking, and how is all it was,” he told.

“If human beings took a various communication of it, it could just be since they didn’t cherish how it was a jest.”

He added: “It has completely anything to do in my view on female’s pay in, that I reiterate and include told sequentially should be equivalent – equivalent pay for equivalent job.”

It showed Sopel, the US text editor, gained £200,000-£249,999, time Medium East text editor Jeremy Bowen gained £150,000-£199,999.

In their exchanging, Humphrys according to reports requested Sopel on “how lot of yours wages you are produced to brush above to Carrie Gracie to hold her”.

Sopel is understood to include replied how “if we are speaking on the scale for the big reallocation I’ll include to go behind and tell, ‘so, yes Mr Humphrys yet…'”

Pretending to include heard a record of the talk, O’Reilly told it provided the relation of “behind-slapping titled males”.

The Equity and Humane Rights Committee told it would believe if future activity was require relying on the corporate’s answer.


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