Ken Dodd: 17 Of His Funniest A-liners

Ken Dodd: 17 Of His Funniest A-liners

1. “My dad knew I was departure to be a comic. While I was a infant, he told, ‘Is the a jest?'”

2. “I loving my friend, my friend loves me. She loves my wool, she loves my eyes, she loves my gearing. She loves my gearing since I’m the just man how can rind an orange via a pong fuss.”

3. “I refuge’t speak to my mom-in-law for 18 months. I dong’t love to violate her.”

4. “My act is really education. I heard a man outgoing the some overnight, proverb: ‘so, how learned me a class.'”

5. “same man who developed cats’ eyes got the concept while he saw the eyes of a cat in his headlights. If the cat had been departure the some path, he would include developed the pen pencil sharpener.”

6. On his renowned tax scam test: “I said the Internal Income I didn’t owe them a penni since I lived close the sea.”

7. On his marathon runner dwell shows: “thou believe you can get off, but you can’t. I’ll pursue you household and I’ll cry jokes via yours mail box.”

8. “Do I trust in secure sex? Of year I do. I include a railing about the cot.”

9. “I’m a sex character – I am a sex character for female who dong’t thoroughness.”

10. “I do all the exercises each night in frontline of the tv – up, downward, up, downward, up, downward. Later the some lid.”

11. “I did 25 protocol fleeing on the place the night – I had my braces trapped in the railing.”

12. At the King Kind Productivity: “the auditorium this evening represents the cream de la cream. How’s France for steamed breast milk.”

13. On coming his 80th date of birth: “year doesn’t question, except you are a cottage cheese.”

14. “Did any of us in our wildest ambition always believe we’d dwell length quite to see the end of the DFS selling?”

15. “I requested to get the dog to obey grade but it wouldn’t come.”

16. “Did you listen on the prawn how went to the shrimp’s cocktail party side? He stretched a media.”

17. “So it turns out how if you explosion two halves of a equine along, it doesn’t do the audio of a coco.”


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