Nasa Wanderer Curious Visits Scotland On Mars

Nasa Wanderer Curious Visits Scotland On Mars

Nasa’s Mars wanderer Curious is studying a portion of the earth mentioned following Torridon in Scotland.

Martian geologic areas and features include been mentioned by Nasa following places on Land.

Few of the names include been undertaken of Scotland or, as so as Torridon, down there is a Siccar Spot, Manure, Fuse, Sandwick and Holyrood on Mars.

Five year back, a festivity was detained while Curious achieved an region named Glenelg.

Nasa chose the behalf Torridon due to the Torridonian Supergroup, a geologic forming in the polar western Highlands how contains several of the senior testimony of lifetime of any rock in the UK.

Professor John Bridges, of the College of Leicester and a part scholar on the Mars Scientific Lab Mission statement, told the Red Earth had been separated up in quadrangles by scientists student it.

Curious is planned to expend a year studying the Torridon quadrilateral.

“Torridon has the red sand named the Torridonian that are the senior sediments in the UK, and they are a large analog for which we are vision on Mars.”

Geologic features on the earth, such a as rock outcrops, include as well been taking into account Scotch names.

These involve Shout and Sandness in Shetland, Coll, Arran, Oban and as well Siccar Spot on the Berwickshire shore, an region of geology investigated by Edinburgh-born 18th Age geology James Hutton.

Talisker and Laphroaig, the names of two Scotch whiskies, include as well been utilized.

Guests at the occasion turned on ex cosmonaut Bonnie Dunbar and Scotland’s Stargazer King, Professor John Tan.

Ms Dunbar flew on five area canoe missions in the 1980s and 1990s on Contender and Columbia.

In 1995, she flew in the at first canoe mission statement to doc in the Russki Area Plant World. Three year after, she flew in the recent mission statement to supply a US cosmonaut to World.

Ms Dunbar’s fatherly my grandparents came of Scotland. Her grandpa Charles Dunbar was unborn in Dundee and her grandma Mary was unborn shut to Gardenstown, close Banff.


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