Non-Welsh Talk Santa At Castell Coch Splashes Appeal

Non-Welsh Talk Santa At Castell Coch Splashes Appeal

He may include suspended up his bag for the year but Santa Claus has got oneself in worry above not creature capable to say Welch.

A term of the social has complained on Cadw’s selection of Dad Yuletide at Castell Coch in Cardiff.

Cadw affirmed time the Santa did not say Welch, elves at the gravity did.

The flesh is already examining “how the two languages expertise can be superior following Yuletide.”

Cadw manages lot of Wales’ historic memorial and buildings and is an hand’s long Welch By the government flesh.

The Welch Tongue Commissar’s office space affirmed a appeal had been done on the absence of Welch for a Yuletide occasion at one of the Cadw sites, but told the judgment to explore was yet to be done.


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