Parkinsons Martyr Thrown Of Halfords For Fun Go

Parkinsons Martyr Thrown Of Halfords For Fun Go

A man in Parkinson’s illness was said to keep a Halfords keep for operating askance by “walk fun”.

Chris Cartlidge, 51, was thrown of the store in Trent Valley, Drown-on-Trent, following his symptoms inflicted his leg to tense and pull on the storey.

He told while he said a store aide he had Parkinson’s, she replied: “I dong’t thoroughness which thou’ve acquired, I wish you to keep the keep.”

Halfords told it had “genuinely apologised” to him and his household.

Mr Cartlidge, who was undiagnosed in Parkinson’s 10 year back, told he had close the store aide for assist in conclusion several car components in Jan.

“I try to be as regular as probable but he’s very demeaning while human beings say things love how to me,” he told.

His child Katrina Cartlidge told she was “desolate and mortified” by the way her dad was purified at the keep on Springfields Retailer Garden.

“he’s difficult to see him affliction love the,” she told, addition how he tested to “do the largest of lifetime” and stay as busy as probable.

“I would never wait who to consider my dad how way or nobody to be convicted by how – by invalidity.”

A representative for Halfords told its crew “bring down brief of meet our standards”.

“We are all really disappointed for Mr Cartlidge’s expertise and genuinely apologised to him and his household at the period for any confusion the confusion inflicted.”

Benali Hamdache, campaigning officer at Parkinson’s UK, told the mercy is “inviting for a slight bit more than knowledge and a slight bit more than insight”.

“We expect how Halfords can in fact begin by guideline in an sample and hug our urge to get on several learning,” he added.


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