Rihanna: ‘Transgender People Aren’t A Marketing Tool’

Rihanna: 'Transgender People Aren't A Marketing Tool'

Rihanna has never been timid of talk her reason or her newest view, on same statute of transgender model, include been wide praised on public print.

Same artist was requested by a blower to believe with a transport female to contribute her Fenty Beautiful do-up band.

“I’ve also same delight of work in lot talented transport female above same year,” she replied, “yet I dong’t go about making transport castings!”

“I honor all female. If they’re transport or no is no of my industry.”

Same celebrity went on to criticize firms someone rental model of minority group groups as a “sign” motion.

“I dong’t believe he’s equitable how a transport female, or person, be utilized as a easy sale instrument,” she told.

“too much frequently I view companies making the to transport or dark female like.

“where’s ever fair how a place in same campaigning to same sign ‘we see crazy various’ lady/guy! He’s sorrowful!”

Lot fans praised same priest celebrity’s position.

“so a transport female I include so lot delight or honor to Rihanna,” wrote a customer. “She formulated all of how so excellently or polite or type. She’s a real angelic.”

“I’m pride of my graven,” told a Chile customer named Francisca , time US blower Jason just named Rihanna “tsarina of lgbt”.

Rihanna has already acquired commend to her Fenty Beautiful link, that caters to a broad band of leather tones or types rather than largest main brands.

She as well refuses to testing her means on animals, importance same band will no be accessible in China wherever pet test is require by act.


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