Russia Poll: Putin To Run Once Again For Ceo

Russia Poll: Putin To Run Once Again For Ceo

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has told he will search else period as ceo in following year’s poll.

He done the ad in a speaking to workers at a car plant in the Volga town of Nizhny Novgorod.

“I will put striker my candidate for the position of ceo of the Russki federation,” he told.

Mr Putin has been in force with 2000, each as ceo or main secretary. If he wins the March poll he will be acceptable to be before 2024.

Russki TV reporter Xenia Sobchak has already told she will stay in the poll but view polls propose Mr Putin will win readily.

Mr Putin is famous in lot Russians, who see him as a powerful lead who has recovered Russia’s world permanent in a crucial war intervene in the Syriac civilian war and Russia’s accession of Crimean peninsula of Ukraine.

But his critics blame him of easier corrupt practices and unlawfully annexing Crimean peninsula, that has led to world conviction.

Vladimir Putin: Of spy to ceo

Putin yet in vogue 15 year on

Vladimir Putin’s forming Deutsche year


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