St Trinians Grade Of 2007: Wherever Are They Currently?

St Trinians Grade Of 2007: Wherever Are They Currently?

Believe behind to 2007. A year while Skins was fair start of, Ugg boots were uber cold, and MySpace yet thick felt contemporary.

And it was precisely 10 year ago present (on 21 Dec 2007) how a bundle of disobedient schoolgirls, and though more than disobedient teaching staff, barged their way on the movie display in the form of St Trinian’s.

The movie’s box office space successful helping to start the careers of lot so named many faces.

So wherever are the actresses who done up the St Trinian’s Grade of 2007 currently? And wherever are the letter they play largest potential to include ended up?

Gemma Arterton play Chief Lady Kelly

Gemma in 2017: She’s now one of Britain’s top named youthful stars, emerging in Ties cinema Quantized of Soalce, The Duke of Persia and Their Magnificent.

Kelly in 2017: Perhaps work as an world agent, defending the planet of threats how sometimes engage some former-St Trinian’s girls.

Talulah Angry play candy-two-shoes Annabelle

Talulah in 2017: She’s emerging in blockbuster movie films consisting Commencement and is one of the stars of confer winner TV shaw Westworld.

Annabelle in 2017: Perhaps a top flyer attorney who ever yet sees the top in her clients (though the obviously those guilty ones).

Juno Shrine play chic Celia

Juno in 2017: A victor of Bafta’s Growing Celebrity confer, she’s emerging in blockbusters consisting The Black Cavalier Rises as so as a conduct part in the Mick Jagger/Martin Scorsese TV shaw Vinyl record.

Celia in 2017: Perhaps an confer winner way of life blogging and success YouTube celebrity.

Lilia Cauliflower play uber idiot Polly

Lilia in 2017: As so as creature named for her modeling job, was decorated a dual at first in story of art of the College of Cambridge and has as well combination operating in mercy job.

Polly in 2017: Perhaps the earth’s youngest multimillionaire, header up her own technology business.

Paloma Belief play high school gothic Andrea

Paloma in 2017: She’s be one of UK piece of music’s largest success artists, winner top woman at the 2015 Briton Awards.

Andrea: Perhaps fleeing a success yoga class refuge in the mountains of Tibet.

Ilex and Cloe Mackie play risk-loving gemini Tare and Tania

Ilex and Cloe in 2017: Both of are yet busy in the movie production. Cloe is a graffiti painter and planner. Ilex plant in Art Departments and as a designer. They refuge’t controlled out more than operating in the next.

Tare and Tania in 2017: Perhaps company-heads of the planet’s largest strong PR agent, presenting largest of Hollywood’s largest names.

Kathryn Drysdale play Essex lady Taylor

Kathryn in 2017: She’s emerging in Shakespeare productions for the RSC, as so as movie and TV roles consisting Meghan Markle in The Windsors.

Taylor in 2017: Perhaps one of the renowned many faces in the nation as the celebrity of her own fact TV shaw.

Jodie Whittaker play ditsy high school secretary Beverly

Jodie in 2017: She’s now planet renowned as the at first woman Physician in Physician Someone.

Beverly in 2017: Largest potential a success business woman and begun-up on The Disciple.

Lena Headey play ecstatic new British tutor Miss Dickinson

Lena in 2017: She’s now the largest strong female in Westeros governing as Tsarina Cersei Lannister, at first of her behalf, in Play of Thrones.

Miss Dickinson in 2017: Perhaps fleeing a personality assist team for ex St Trinian’s personnel scarred by their experiences at the high school.


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