Truck Motorist Destroys Six Rate Cameras On Germany Rage

Truck Motorist Destroys Six Rate Cameras On Germany Rage

Police force say a truck motorist who went on a rage in Germany knocked together downward six rate cameras, challenging hundreds of thousands of euros cost of harm.

Police force say the 63-year-old deliberately designed at the cameras in the little city of Gernsheim in the Hesse area on Mon overnight and Tue night.

The cameras were few miles separately in the city on the Rhine inland, 50kilometer (30 miles) of Frankfurt.

The person’s reason is not yet precise.

A police force representative told the motorist had no alcoholic in his framework.

Yet it is hardly how he had been given in a card while previous drive the truck, that could just driving at six kilometer/h (4mph).

Police force told the man would be loaded in penal harm.


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