Two Men Miss Legs In Polar Offering Circular Strike-and-run

Two Men Miss Legs In Polar Offering Circular Strike-and-run

Two men include every lose a leg following a strike-and-run collapse in east London.

The men, both of in their 40s, were injured as they stood near their break downward car at the party of the Polar Offering circular Way (one406) at on 22:30 GMT on Tue.

A silvery BMW affected a Vauxhall Vectra on the overpass over Redbridge Devious, that later hit the men.

The BMW motorist stopped but later leftward the stage on leg up disaster services arriving.

The two men hit by the Vectra were undertaken to clinic.

No one is in a lifetime-threatening state, but both of men require the ablation of a foot.

The motorist and occupant in the Vectra were not injured.

The Met has appealed for witnesses, especially such in dashcam length, to go striker but detectives are not producing a future specification of the BMW motorist.

A 25-year-old man has been detained on suspect of challenging severe injuries by hazardous drive.

He has been liberated by inquiry.


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