Ursula Keogh: Mom Acquired I Loving You Lyrics Communication

Ursula Keogh: Mom Acquired I Loving You Lyrics Communication

The mom of an 11-year-old lady whose flesh was found in a flow had acquired a lyrics of her proverb “I loving you but so disappointed”, an investigation has heard.

Ursula Keogh, of Halifax, was recent seen at on 15:30 GMT on 22 Jan dressed in her high school form.

Her flesh was after found in Hebble Stream in the Paris Gates region of the Western Yorkshire city.

The investigation in her die, detained at Bradford Pathologist’s Trial, was adjourned before Apr.

Discovery transactions, pathologist David Urpeth was said how Ursula had a story of personality damage and her mom grown concerns following reception the communication.

Western Yorkshire Police force continues to explore the occasion of the die, but he’s not mind to be suspect.

In a declaration of Lightcliffe Academia, wherever Ursula was a student, the second high school outlined her die as a “harrowing losing”.

“ours thoughts and prayers are in Ursula’s household and friends and at the really hard period,” it told.


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