Walkers Winched To Security Of Equitable Chief

Walkers Winched To Security Of Equitable Chief

Two walkers include been winched to security following proper twisted in chilly temperature.

Red Bay RNLI were named out on Thu night to accountable how two walkers were twisted on the Rubble Box at Equitable Chief, Shire Antrim.

The lacking walkers were found following a tertiary goer grown the alarm signal.

The coast guard chopper that had delivered in of Scotland was capable to hoist them to security at on 17:00 GMT.

Red Bay RNLI Helmsman Paddy McLaughlin told: “We would firmly counsel human beings to believe two times on walk or camp on hard area in chilly temperature.

“each year we reply a quantity of callouts to walkers or hikers on Equitable Chief but in the weather the risks are though more.

“same shallow is really slippery and hard to swim and accessing to the region can be rather stimulating for searching and rescues crews.

“We are ever on urge to assist such in anxiety or challenge and fortunately the period one of the team was capable to lift the alarm signal.”


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